Carlson Restaurant

The Carlson restaurant is located on the roof of the Central City Tower business center, which offers spectacular views of the Kremlin, Moscow River, Zamoskvorechye And other metropolitan attractions. The
In the menu are presented author's dishes from the brand-chef Carlo Greco, with his arrival the kitchen of the restaurant played absolutely new flavor tints, together with Author's filing. In the bar - an extensive cocktail card, as well as a wine list, which includes about 100 positions.

The "Carlson" terrace is the best place in the city to relax and take a leisurely view of the magnificent view, sunsets and lights of Moscow, enjoying tasty Dishes and drinks in the fresh air.

Carlson Restaurant
Moscow, Ovchinnikovskaya nab., 20/1, BC "Central City Tower"
+7 495 280 04 28, +7 495 280 06 28, +7 (985) 751-19-19

The network of beer restaurants "Yorksh"

The network of beer restaurants Ersh is a whole world of fresh beer, where mountains of thick fragrant foam rise above sparkling beer glasses, Where exquisite salads compete in the original with garnishes, where the smells of spices smell of mangal, cooked with love for you by the chefs.

The menu of the beer restaurant consists of new and traditional, but certainly delicious dishes: meat and vegetable, chicken and fish, with delicious sauces And spicy seasonings, in a dazzling environment of capers, olives and fragrant greens.