A unique facility is the only underground bunker in the world, located at a depth of 65 meters below the ground, preserved and functioning as a museum And to this day. The
Bunker-42 is the outpost and pride of our Motherland, which carried combat duty in the heart of the country for 30 years.

Huge underground squares and unusual architecture allow for individual and group excursions in one of the once secret military Objects of the USSR. For you and your friends on the site are: the Cold War Museum, equipped conference rooms, banquet rooms and Exclusive platforms for interactive games, quests, presentations, exhibitions, corporate events, film shoots and concerts of any level and format.

"Mineralogical Museum named after AE Fersman"

The A. Fersman Mineralogical Museum is located in Neskuchny Garden. In the building of the museum in the late 18th - early 19th century was the horse riding arena, Which was built for Alexei Orlov-Chesmensky - a famous lover and connoisseur of horses. The decoration of the Arena is unusual - painting, imitating sculpting, On the ceiling, gilded moldings on the walls and columns. This decoration is due to the fact that the premises had a dual purpose. In the days of festivities arranged by Count Orlov, the earth floor was covered with a boardwalk, and the arena turned into a banquet hall.

In the museum you can see the exposition of meteorites, materials on the history of the museum. Here is the largest collection of minerals in Russia. I was somewhat surprised by the fact that there are minerals named after the museum scientists. The discovery for me was a sparrow - pink beryl, named after Vorobyov VI, tragically died in the 1906 expedition.