The Russian Aviation Museum in Monino is the largest aviation museum in Europe. All the aircraft installed in the museum are real, many exhibits "flew here themselves." The museum presents a large number of various aircraft, helicopters, gliders, aircraft engines and aircraft weapons.

The Aviation Museum in Monino is one of the largest collections of aviation achievements in the world! Here you can find such inventions of the aviation industry of the 20th century as "Ilya Muromets", Soviet Concord (Tu-144), La-7 Ivan Kozhedub (shot down 62 enemy aircraft), Tupolev 95 (Bear according to NATO classification) and much more !!

Buy a tour to Monino and you will see planes that are nowhere else to see. Your guide will be a former military pilot (if possible organization). We offer the best conditions and the best prices for visiting the Russian Aviation Museum in Monino (this is 35 km from Moscow). If you are dreaming about aviation, or are even interested in military history - you definitely will like this tour!

After the end of the tour you will have 1-2 hours of free time for an independent, more detailed examination of the collection. In other words, we have the most informative and high-quality tour at the best price! Chinese, Japanese, etc.

We conduct private tours not only in English, but also in Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Price: $ 150 - 1 person, $ 100 per person with a group of more than 2 people.
Duration: 5-6 hours

The cost of the tour includes:

• Accompaniment of the group throughout the trip (the bus is served to the hotel).
• Delivery to the venue of the excursion and back on the insured transport of a certain capacity with adjustable backrests, air conditioning, TV, seat belts.
• Entrance tickets to the museum.
• Excursion to the Museum of Aviation in Monino with a guide.