Bar "Ogonyok"

A small bar with an interior in the style of rock'n'roll 60's, reasonable prices and interesting people.

Every Wednesday, you can hear a stand up show, on Thursdays - acoustic concerts of bands performing pop-rock in the "apartment" format, and the weekend In "Ogonyok" they burn under DJ music.

Pine and Linden Bar

One of the owners of the restaurant, Andrei Lipa, is responsible for the bar card in Sosny and Lipa: the suppliers choose themselves, guided by their own taste Preferences. Now in the range of about 80 varieties of beer, both draft (ten cranes) and bottled. The
Half of all varieties are of Russian origin, the other of Scandinavian varieties, as well as Scottish and American varieties. In addition, in the near future In the bar there will be beer from Italy. Prices for Russian-made beer range from 250 to 300 rubles, and for imported beer - from 300 to 950 rubles for the most expensive bottle.