Club "Propaganda"

Knowledgeable people affectionately call the club "Cork", although the full name in the best measure conveys the meaning of the institution, namely the propagation of real club sound. The
Propaganda is one of the oldest clubs in Moscow. Opening in the distant 1997, he rightly can be considered the same age as the club culture of the capital: together with It grew, developed, set trends. The famous Thursdays of Sanchez in Propaganda became a real trend, which is still followed by the best clubs in Moscow.

London Club

In the spring of 2008, in the sky of the night life of the capital, a new star was lit, which in honor of one of the best club places on the planet was given Proud and majestic name - London. London deservedly is considered the world center of club culture and the standard in the organization of the best parties. The
The hearts of millions of party people around the world are invariably devoted to the atmosphere of the clubs of England with its unique Friendly atmosphere, democracy and excellent music selections.