«VITAFOREST. From the forest with love. "

The slogan of the company best reflects their goals and intentions. Thanks to VITAFOREST, many truly unique useful forest products, such as birch chaga, wild berries and mushrooms, have become more accessible to everyone.

If you keep up to date, lead an active lifestyle and take care of your health and health, the products of VITAFOREST are just what you need!

Using tea tea or extract from chaga "VITAFOREST", you get a multifunctional assistant to your body. A powerful antioxidant, which contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, will help not only to strengthen immunity, but also to get rid of many serious diseases.

"Eye microsurgery"

The intersectoral scientific and technical complex "Eye Microsurgery" has opened a new page in the development of the world ophthalmology, having revolutionized the revolution, introducing daily operations with eye microscopes with high resolution and miniature surgical instruments, and for 25 years has not handed over the leading Positions in this field of ophthalmic surgery.

The transition of ophthalmology to a microsurgical level, the development and introduction of new technologies in the country and the world, the preparation and specialization of highly qualified scientific personnel - this is the merit and significance of the innovative project called "MNTK" Eye Microsurgery "named after. Acad. S.N. Fedorov ", which for a quarter of a century became the national property of Russia.